Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Creating a sensible life!

Well, I am in limbo a little at the moment as I am not sure how much work I am going to get this year!

I have some work organised already but need a few more hours to construct a life that is based around the three days of work and four days to do the things that are important to me lifestyle pattern that I favour.

I am fortunate in that I can generally gain enough work in an industry that pays well enough for me to construct this sort of a lifestyle.
I have put a bit of effort into this mind you.
It has taken nearly thirty six years to get to this point!

It is mainly a matter of prioritising what is important to you.

For me it is organising my week around:
  • Enjoying my relationship with Michelle - doing much of what follows!
  • The opportunity to go surfing - wherever there is a wave!
  • Working on my health and fitness if the surf is not up - at the gym!
  • The acquisition of new skills and knowledge - studying for a degree in Internet Computing!
  • Creating the space and time to make music - either playing classical guitar or with the band Floodgates!
  • Periods of doing nothing much at all - contemplation/crosswords/television/stumbling/reading
  • Enjoying the company of my poodles Hamish and Hermyne- walkies at the beach a particular favourite!
  • keeping contact with other important members of my family including my Mum, Amy and sons Tim, Oscar and Angus.
Because of that:
  • I choose not to live in a big city - I have never regretted moving to the south coast nearly twenty years ago!
  • I rent - but I have million dollar views luckily!
  • I have no investments - but then I don't have credit card with credit available either which sorta balances out!
  • I don't have a flash car - but I do have the car I need!
  • I very rarely go on holidays - but we are hoping to change that!
  • I cannot just go and buy what I want anytime - I have to save for it!
I am one damned lucky guy to have the opportunity to construct this life when so many millions elsewhere in the world do not have this opportunity!
I try every day to remember how lucky I am!

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