Monday, 15 January 2007

I'm crook - Godamnit! and Firefox Extensions!

Yep it is the truth I am not well - a cold just popped up out of nowhere, sinuses buggared, barely able to breathe last night and relying on drugs to feel half way decent!!!!!!!!!!!
Did manage to go to the Gym today and managed to do more than I thought I would be able to and I reckon I should be properly OK tomorrow.
Wind is blowing a gale so that will bring the swell up over the next couple of days. Honestly, the conditions are reminiscent of winter at the moment and it is the middle of summer?I cannot remember a summer where we had so much swell and surfing opportunities as a result. In fact I would go so far as to say the the conditions we are experiencing at the moment are more like winter should be ssw, sw and s swells which we didn't get much of this winter as the swell was wsw or w a lot of the time. That means that Nanarup works more like it should and that being our favourite break is a real bonus as we are normally scrabbling to find a surfable wave at this time of year.
Anyway, if it means we get to have reasonable surf all year round rather than just in winter as the now old pattern was then that is probably OK by me.

I use a great little Firefox (I hope you are all using Firefox!) add-on called StumbleUpon! which pulls up sites off the WWW related to your stated interests.

It has introduced me to so many great sites that I would never have come across and it is highly recommended! I am often to be found stumbling the net! and bookmarking like crazy!!!!!!!!!!
This is just one of many extra extensions that you can use with FireFox- currently I use:
  • Gmail Space - online data storage if you have a gmail account and you should!
  • Ook! Video Ook! - allows downloading of videos from sites like You Tube
  • FasterFox - makes a Firefox work quicker
  • FireBug - a webdevelopment tool that allows you to view and debug javascript, css Ajax in a web site you are building
  • Bookmarks - integrates your browser with this popular social bookmarking service
There are heaps of other extensions that you can enhance your browsing experience with.

I also have a couple of different themes rather than the standard Firefox version that I use including:
Of course there are many other great things about Firefox such as:
  • It has a really effective popup blocker
  • RSS feeds inbuilt
  • It is free and open source
  • Tabs - what would I do without them
Anyway, if you are not using FireFox I highly recommend you do so!

I hope I sleep better tonight!???

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