Friday, 12 January 2007

Perth trip over!

Arrived back from Perth yesterday about 3 pm after a pretty reasonable two days away with Mum consulting medicos. Probably the longest continuous period of time my Mum and I have spent together for many, many years. We get on well - and always have really. We will be going back in three weeks for a single blast of radiation. Considering the onerousness of the need for the Perth visit we had a reasonable time although sleep was an issue!
Always hard for me in a strange place.

I don't like leaving the place I consider home - it slightly traumatises me and I believe it is related to when I had to leave home (Singapore) to return to boarding school at the end of the school holidays. I used to return home three times a year and as the end of the holidays drew near I would have bad dreams that I was already back at school and would wake up with such a relief to find I was still in bed at home in Singapore! Michelle has similar issues so both of us have to really muster up our courage even to go away on a holiday! Bizarre - considering how willing others are to leave home!!

Very pleased to see Michelle and the dogs and to head straight out for a surf as I needed to get into the ocean again especially as I was keen to try out - yes, you guessed it - another new surfboard.
This time it is a 9' BIC which is near new, only used 5 times, and cost a mere $595! This is now the 5th board that Michelle and I have purchased from Ross at Longboards Scarborough.
I also went on a saga to find the longboard shop in Fremantle (which in the end I discovered by mistake - drove past it unintentionally) which ended up with me putting $5 down on a Dave Smith 9' board and changing my mind as I waited at the ATM to get the cash out to pay for the board. Ummm! you ask - what is going on Robin? Well, I decided:
  • I didn't like the guy that ran the shop (Asking for $5 to hold the board while I went around the corner to get the cash!)
  • The Dave Smith was looking a little ragged and I had a near new board lined up with Ross at Longboards Scarborough.
  • It was more money than I had originally intended so I decided to be conservative and to go with my original intention to buy the 9' BIC I had organised with Ross.
I am very glad I did as I can report that it is a sensational little board. Little!? - you ask when it is 9' long? Well that is because that is actually what it feels like - it is light in weight and very quick on to a wave and I can really chuck it around. Same as the pics on the left but a quite interesting sea blue colour all over. Did some great carving turns yesterday - freaking out other surfers on the way back out to the take off spot! Such a lot of fun. So my big 10' BIC is now for sale and I have a couple of likely buyers in mind. so in the end the changeover to both the new boards will have only actually cost me $110 which is a very good result.

Anyway it is good to be home again!

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