Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Will someone please beat Roger Federer!

Because it is getting boring watching his matches, almost as boring as watching cricket matches the Australian team are playing in! If only the Pommes had been able to win that match in Adelaide to level the series one. It woould have been a sizzling summer of cricket rather than a fizzer!

Whitewashes are exceedingly uninteresting to view and I have far more enjoyed watching many of the other great matches that have been played during the Australian Open. Williams and Peer, Hewitt and Russell, Nadan and Murray etc. Absolutely sensational tennis matches to watch as both players were competitive. So unlike watching Federer's matches, whose awesome skill I admire like everybody, that are so one sided and bloody boring and disheartening to watch.

So come on guys - stand up to him! give him a bit of stick!! upset the unflappable swiss man! create a bit of doubt in his mind!! hit a few balls straight at him!! argue with umpires about Hawkeye! do a bloody McEnroe for god's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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